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Advanced Deployment by misunderstand

Dear Support Team,

By misunderstand I exported my Bizagi Project, and now when a try to deploy my project clicking on Deploy button on wizard view, I'm facing the message "This project is configured to be used with Advanced Deployment Tools, so you cannot use this Deployment Wizard If you have any problem, please contact bizagi support".

When I've exported my project I didn't click on the button "Set Advanced Import - Export" on export interface.

I have no intention to use Advanced Deployment, but in documentation said there is no way to come back to One-Click Deployment, but I begging you to you help me to get back One-Click Deployment. Please!

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Dear Lucas,

Unfortunately, this topic does not belong to the scope of this Community site. Please raise it again at or better write directly to (copying again the text message and the attached files) to deeply help you with this issue personally and quickly.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Best regards.