"add user to plan" does not work


I am on version 3.7, trial for "workgroup" plan and cannot add users to my plan. After I have added the email and would like to send the invitation, an error message pops up (see attached screenshots).

Need immediate help - this project will be our pilot and decision base for further process modeling with bizagi.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Dear Cornelia,

Thank you for letting us know. Please, refer to the following link for more information about workgroup user management and let us know if the issue is solved

Best regards,

Laura G.


Dear Laura,

when I follow your link and should log-in, I am not able to connect to the customer portal.

This link is broken:

Accessing Customer Portal

When you purchase a Workgroup plan, the owner user is entitled to access the Customer Portal to define other users or administrators (I AM ON A PAID workgroup plan)

After you have purchased the plan, you can access it using the following URL:

When I click the above-mentioned link, following written line appears: