Under Consideration

Add a checkbox to the Show subsection under the View tab for Show Connectors

Business Case

The process of clicking and dragging along a border of any element, much less a pool, to find connector points can be messy and inaccurate, and sometimes frustrating, especially when you want to place the connector one place and software wants you to place it clear on the other end of the diagram.

Proposed Solution

By adding a checkbox for show connectors you give the user the option to either have connectors on the elements always visible (checked), and if it is not checked the user can still use the default behavior of clicking and dragging to find connectors. As for how to illustrate where they are maybe they just appear as light grey circles around the border of an element, maybe X's or carrots (^) etc.

In Conclusion

I know for me, I see it as a win / win situation. By adding the checkbox you've improved the overall usability of the software as a whole (win), and the overall user experience (Win) by eliminating what could be a point of frustration for a user.

This is already some pretty awesome software and adding a feature like this allows it to be a little more awesome than it already is. And who can't use a little more awesome?