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Activities that handle batches of jobs

Is it possible in Bizagi (or BPMN in general) to model that an activity can be performed by the connected resource for 10 customers/jobs at the same time? In scheduling, this is called batching. In such a case, the activity would start only when an appropriate number of jobs n <= 10 is waiting in front of it (not necessarily the maximum number 10) and then the activity would run for all those n jobs at the same time, such that all of them are also finished at the same time.

My search seemed to indicate that BPMN does not provide such a possibility (unless one uses complicated workarounds with combinations of events and gateways). However, I thought maybe the experts here do know of a way that I wasn't able to find.

If this is possible to do this, as a follow up question: how would the scheduler in the simulation handle such a scenario (i.e. what scheduling rules would it use to decide when to start an activity)?