A good BPMN to print

Hi guys !

I'm from Brazil, and please, don't give much attention to my english. I'm working with process management since 2012, and, I still haven't find good diagrams to print. I mean, how could it be nice, a printing in A1 or A2 paper size?

The utilization of the paper size against the vizualization, sucks. I could write a paper about this (in portuguese).

The problem happens in many programs. The objective of process modeling, is not only to archive the files and use in a BPMS program. People should use it daily, to see, learn and understand how the process works and flows. In my company, we use the diagrams to teach new employees.

I tried to find any topic about this, but I found nothing. Also, I talked to some friends who works as Process Analists, and they don't have problems in printing "FLAGS". This method goes against so many things, starting with the enviroment.

Modeling with Bizagi is really good, but only small process looks nice on the paper when is published.

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Dear Fernando,

You can print large diagrams by customizing the print settings of the diagram. You can set the paper size, scales, margins, number of pages, among other things.

To illustrate how to print large diagrams we will use the Personal Loans Request process that you can find in our free Process XChange. This is a complex process where the length makes it a perfect example for using customized print settings.

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